EXIKON arc & dev  is an architecture office in Vienna, dedicated to the application of cutting-edge planning and building technology. Its aim is the integration of scientific findings into the design process.

Mail: office[at]exikon.at

Bernhard Sommer is co-founder and principal of exikon arc & dev zt. He teaches and researches in the field of Energy Design. He established the Energy Design department at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, in cooperation with guest Professor Brian Cody. Since 2016, Bernhard Sommer is visiting Professor for Energy Design at the Estonian Academy of Arts.
2013, he was guest Professor at the Institute for Experimental Architecture at the University of Innsbruck.
Before, he has been an Assistent Professor at the Institute of Building Construction and Design (Prof. Richter) at the University of Technology in Vienna and a researcher and project manager at Hyperbody (Prof. Oosterhuis), University of Technology in Delft, the Netherlands.
He was awarded the Arch+-Prize 2000, MAK-Schindlerstipendium in 2002 and the prize for Experimental Tendencies in Architecture 2006.

Goga S. Nawara is co-founder of exikon arc&dev. She teaches and researches in the field of integrative planning methods at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Construction Process Management at the Vienna University of Technology.

Marek Dziubas is co-founder of exikon arc&dev. His emphasis is the realisation of visionary projects.

Since 2009, Ulrich Pont is partner of exikon arc&dev. His responsibility is building physics and green energy. He teaches and researches in these fields at the Department of Building Physics and Building Ecology at the Vienna University of Technology.

Since 2011, Galo Moncayo is partner of exikon arc&dev. He supports and augments the design capabilities of our office. His emphasis is on CNC technologies, new design methodes and interactive art. See also: www.galomoncayo.net and www.semf.cc

From 2009 to 2012 Bernhard Schwaighofer was our strong team member, when it comes to building construction and design. Currently the team consists of Christof Mathes, Jakob Braun and Mathias Klapper.

Since 2016, Cornelius Burkert is our consultant in building construction and cost estimation.

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